Is your existing team struggling with strict deadlines? And now you need the services of a BIM specialist but are in conundrum whether to hire one or simply seek services of BIM consultant? Well, we can help solve this puzzle.  

But first let us recap what BIM is and why it was introduced. 

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

BIM came as a solution to address flaws and deficiencies in CAD system. The shift from CAD to BIM was nothing short of revolution in AEC industry as latter deploys advanced methods to display three-dimensional representation of building and its infrastructure to all the stakeholders involved in the project. Compared to traditional approaches, BIM entails information of the buildings or built asset entire lifecycle and the same can be easily exported.  

Sadly, the design industry has still not widely endorsed BIM for use as a design approach. It has been observed that modern tools are still not encouraged in the AEC industry on certain levels as workers think they are better off using conventional methods over BIM. Doing so raises compliance issues while significantly increasing inefficiencies in the project delivery. Moreover, the approach of preferring traditional methods over BIM gives birth to lack of cooperation among project stakeholders and the same increases cost of projects through inaccuracies and delays.  

Now, if the company decides to ensure compliance and making project delivery a success through BIM, they can do it in two ways: 

  • They can invest their own money, time, and resources to build an in-house team. However, doing so for single or few projects is not cost efficient.  
  • Or they can seek services from a BIM consultant to deal with their BIM-related affairs. 

You might get confused that why a company should not simply opt for digitizing all it’s operations or handle the single BIM project by themselves. Well, the benefits of latter over former are multiple. So, let us explore them one by one: 

No matter how cliché it sounds but every project is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. Just like you consult your friends or family members to seek advice on a wide array of problems, the same happens to BIM projects in companies. A fixed pattern to deal with different projects does not work, resulting in delays, inaccuracies, and reworks.

This is where BIM consultants jump in. They develop a bespoke strategy specifically tailored to your unique project requirements. With their hands-on experience on different projects, they can provide you with an efficient approach to solving a problem.  

A Different Perspective

The cost of hiring an in-house team for a single project does not make sense. And it is not only about the manpower; add to it costs of IT equipment, Revit-type software licenses, and other infrastructure, the cons outweigh the pros. Furthermore, BIM is still to be fully incorporated in curriculum which means that it is extremely difficult to find professionals who are fully skilled or experienced to address complex BIM requirements. Even if you expect your in-house team to learn and perform all BIM-related tasks, it will prolong project completion.

This is why you should opt for BIM consultants as they have huge exposure in BIM fields and with every project they complete, they learn a few new things and incorporate the same into their strategies to further optimize the project delivery process.   

The key to success and efficiency to a BIM workforce will always be standardization. It has been observed that hours – and in worse cases days are wasted – by companies just because stakeholders involved want to perform a task in their own way. However, BIM consultants thrive on standardization thanks to their exposure to many projects. By organizing their BIM framework, they produce efficient results.  

When practices are done in the wrong way, they not only create inefficiencies but also create a negative culture. It’s not always like that companies who do BIM-related tasks end up in mess, but regular inefficiencies will make them think that cons outweigh the pros. On the other hand, it is highly likely that experienced BIM consultants have already faced and resolved the problems like yours. With their skillset and experience, BIM consultants can solve the problems in hours that your team might take weeks to solve.   

Project managers often find themselves in situations where they need to resolve an issue, but lack of resources or workforce prevent them from doing so.

Resource Allocation

At the end, they allocate resources to resolve these issues. This approach takes effect on overall project delivery. Hiring additional resources, training them, and equipping them with expensive equipment for a single project would also make no sense. Therefore, hiring a BIM consultant would be like having an experienced team member that is not employed full time either. It is less expensive to use them than to hire a new employee. 

Subscription – Cost Effective & Highly Efficient Approach to BIM

With DDC SolutionsBIM subscription, you get an optimized, efficient, and comprehensive suite of BIM services. Starting from just £1695, it gives you access to 

  • BIM Expertise and Management  
  • Clash Detection 
  • Project Information Management 
  • Compliance with Standards 
  • Technical Support and Coordination 
  • Training and Implementation Support 

The best thing about Subscription service is that you can scale it up or down as per your own requirements. The subscription saves you without the long-term commitments associated with employing full-time staff​​. With DDC Solutions as your BIM partner, you can optimize your costs.  

The Subscription has two modules. 


  • Tech support five days a week 
  • Access to all documents and technical resources 
  • Access to expertise of experienced team following bespoke syllabus 
  • Half-day training per month 
  • 1-day per week for implementation of your bespoke strategy


Industry leaders like Higgins Partnerships, Stiff & Trevillion Architects, and David Kohn Architects have optimized their BIM practices using our BIM solutions. If you want to do the same, book your free consultation to ensure compliance with extremely complex BIM standards and make your project delivery a resounding success.