Revit 4 Project Delivery 

At DDC Solutions, we understand that not every practice is ready for a full BIM implementation. That’s why we have developed a specialized service called Revit for Project Delivery (R4PD) or Revit Modelling. Whether you’re currently working on Revit projects, planning to migrate to Revit, or looking to add Revit as a software platform in your practice, our Revit Modelling service can provide the support you need.  

Revit Modelling

If you are dealing with tight deadlines and your project requirements demand quick turnaround to get software up and running along with a fully trained team, we have got your back! From software deployment and implementation to fully trained team, all will be done over the duration of 5 days with efficiency ensured. 

We understand how critical it is to configure and set up Revit in professional environment. Therefore, we hold a detailed consultation to understand your unique needs and configure Revit so that you can develop information that you want to develop and software functions as per office standards. This allows you to get the exact output from the Revit that you intend.

DDC Solutions doesn’t’ opt for one-size-fits-all strategy. We understand that every project has its own unique set of requirements. Therefore, we tailor our approach to meet your exact requirements to deliver a bespoke Revit for project delivery (R4PD) solution that integrates into your project seamlessly.

By setting up a management process comprising strict testing protocols, we ensure that stakeholders never face any 3D and geo-coordination issues throughout the project lifecycle. Additionally, we ensure that all stakeholders can rely on adequate information on the network. We’ll configure software in such a manner that it will find the information for the users instantly, eliminating risks of errors, delays, and stress.

We will implement ISO 19650-compliant Revit resources on your network and customize minimum requirements, enabling your design team to output professional drawings. So, get in touch today if you want to harness full power of Revit for project delivery (R4PD) and eliminate costly errors and delays.

Revit Modelling


Geo Coordination
Standard Naming Convention

Standard Naming Convention

We establish standard naming convention in the software, empowering you to name models and components correctly. It helps information flow seamlessly throughout the project lifecycle and completely eliminates risks of costly delays and errors. It enables you to keep record of how many iterations you have of the files or models as well.


Both the setup and management of the 3D coordination space are some of the most common and problematic issues to deal with on any project. Project setup and coordination are absolutely crucial. Should the need arise to move models, we change their coordinate systems inside this 3D model by moving the data and republishing the information back to models. It helps modelers to pick the right coordination system and the same will be coordinated with the rest of the design team as well.

CAD Standards & Validation

We ensure that every element adheres to the highest industry standards. Likewise, we ensure uniformity across the project to ensure that every detail aligns seamlessly. Additionally, the validation protocols proactively shield your projects from potential deviations, making the whole design process error-proof.


We configure Revit as per your unique professional environment, ridding your staff of the need to constantly re-navigate through all the network to find information they need. This configuration translates into enhanced efficiency, productivity while preventing delays and errors at the same time. The configuration allows software to find the required information instantly within your network, eliminating undue stress.

Compliance & Future Proofing

We implement ISO 19650 compliant Revit resources on to your network and customize minimum requirements to be able to output professional drawings and adequate information for Cobie, standard schedules, and fire safety. This compliance ensures that when BIM becomes a requirement, you are fully prepared for it.


We understand that your project has its own set of unique requirements. Through tailored and bespoke service, we ensure that the technical resources utilized in 3D collaboration not only meet but exceed your organizational standards. Furthermore, the technical resources required to collaborate in 3D and Revit will meet your roles and responsibilities on the project as well.


Drawings, schedules, 3D model for clash detection, risk register, COBie etc. You need to set up Revit to be able to deliver your project. It won’t do it “out-of-the-box”.


You need basic communication resources to collaborate in 3D. So, we include a Revit execution plan template, so you can be clear on what you do, when you do it, and how you do it.

Benefits of Using Revit for Project Delivery

Benefits of Using Revit for Project Delivery

Revit, a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, stands out in the realm of design and construction for several reasons, with one of its primary advantages being its unwavering commitment to accuracy throughout the project lifecycle. The real-time data synchronization feature sets Revit apart, ensuring that any alterations made to the model are instantaneously reflected across all associated project documents. This not only significantly diminishes the likelihood of errors but also eradicates inconsistencies that can arise when utilizing conventional 2D drafting methods. 


The software’s forte lies in fostering seamless collaboration among diverse project stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, and clients. The beauty of Revit lies in its ability to provide a centralized platform where all contributors can access and contribute to the same model. This collaborative approach not only enhances communication but also guarantees that all team members are on the same page, ultimately leading to a more streamlined and efficient project delivery. 


Efficiency and accuracy, as facilitated by Revit, lead to substantial cost savings. The software enables the early identification and resolution of design conflicts, mitigating the need for costly rework and avoiding unnecessary delays. Furthermore, the detailed information stored in the BIM model proves invaluable for precise cost estimation and effective budget control, ensuring financial aspects align with project goals. 


In the fast-paced construction industry, time is indeed of the essence, and Revit rises to the occasion. Leveraging its robust 3D modeling capabilities in tandem with collaborative features, the software expedites the design and construction processes. Tasks that traditionally consumed weeks can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time, enabling project teams to consistently meet tight deadlines. 


In essence, Revit’s holistic approach to project management, encompassing accuracy, collaboration, cost efficiency, and time savings, positions it as a cornerstone in the toolkit of professionals navigating the intricacies of modern design and construction. 

Revit Modelling & Construction Industry

The construction industry overemphasis or analysis on BIM compliance, especially the level 2 often focuses on neglecting projects. Companies or organizations implement BIM standards, by not completely having clarity of how it has to be utilized in an effective manner, which goes into missing opportunities for the improvement of business projects. 

The Revit 4 Project delivery has been created on this visionary to drive ambition and create a revolution in the global construction industry by bringing an advancement to technology, creating collaboration with teams and creating a world wide web of overall communication. The aim of Revit 4 Project delivery is to be an encouragement in getting support, valuable insights, solutions, advanced training and mechanism by applying technology. In short, we aim to be the go to entity for BIM and projects processes. Our main objective is to provide equipment, tools as well as insights, which is a necessity for bringing vigorous growth and overall prosperity to the growing construction industry. 

Revit 4 Project delivery plan to be the leader in the global world of design and technology, being accessible, easy to manage and highly approachable for business leaders, design enthusiasts and those who are trying to bring a dynamic change in their world of business and growing economies. It aims to deliver the best solution and services which  are 100% digitized as well as have the remote operation abilities/capabilities i.e. meeting needs beyond measures, having solid practice in prediction to investment as well making yourself intact for future turning market trends. 

Revit 4 Project delivery caters to meet service delivery in an efficient manner, by empowering clients to meet objectives in a much more carefree and efficient manner. Through our bespoke strategies, we give you an advantage to embrace the best practices, easy to handle processes and get a high entailed technology at both micro and macro level at a global level. In short, the Revit 4 Project delivery is the new game changer for the world of technology and design. In addition, it has been predicted that this improvement will bring a massive change in the world of resources. 

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In this section, we answer your most searched queries
pertaining to DDC Revit 4 Project Delivery 

In this section, we answer your most searched queries pertaining to DDC Revit 4 Project Delivery 

What is Revit and why is it important for my practice?

It is one of the most powerful building information modeling (BIM) software, which works with architectural engineers, technicians; professionals who are working aimlessly together to stimulate projects in a manner that helps them design and visualize projects effectively. The Revit 4 Project delivery plays a very significant role in improved communication, getting a breakthrough through improved or empowered project efficiency as well as streamlining workflows. 

Revit 4 Project delivery plays a very integral role in getting remarkable benefits which entails improved coordination among projects,reduction in error by providing a detailed progressive 3D model confining all the necessary data for project management.  

Besides that, it facilitates coordination/collaboration within team/members/subordinates/coworkers.  

This results in higher profitability due to efficient performance,better production,cut down on costs/expensive and amazing outcomes on project implementation. 

If you’re a newbie to try Revit, it’s highly suggested that you take help from our team of professionals,i.e with our consultants i.e. DDC solutions.We are experienced in providing high value services for smooth transition to Revit, which includes everything from ongoing support,advanced training and proper implementation of process and procedures. The well organized team will ensure complete guidance/support in getting successful adoption/implementation of Revit in practice at your surveillance. 

Yes, it’s highly compatible, with various software application within the industry, including famous applications such as  Autodesk BIM 360,Autodesk Navisworks,and other analysis and design tools.This play a vital role in the exchange or transferability of data,enhanced cooperation as well an introduction to a more holistic approach to project management. 

Revit 4 Project delivery has played a vital role in becoming a successful BIM strategy by giving the desired tools, techniques and procedures including functionalities to manage,create as well share it with others throughout the project/product ongoing lifecycle. If you plan to adopt Revit as your support system, not only will it be helpful in adhering to industry standards, but improve data accuracy,coordination within projects and high-end delivery onto projects having a positive impact on the client’s overall experience (meeting their needs and expectation) in the most knowledgeable and profound way. 

We aim to reply within 10 minutes.