If you are mulling over the quickest way to enhance your team’s skills to optimize use of BIM technology, then hire BIM consultants. Here at DDC Solutions, we understand that architectural and construction fields are going through rapid evolution and therefore, staying ahead is not an option but a necessity to ensure excellence and compliance.

Therefore, we have crafted a diverse curriculum for holistic development of professionals involved in construction and architectural practices. From Scan to BIM management to information control and from RIBA CPDs to document management, the training aspect of our BIM consulting services cover every aspect to equip you with tools that are necessary for long-term success. 

There are few things that you must consider before hiring BIM consultants. Let’s explore them one by one:  

Before hiring BIM consultants to improve your team, ensure the BIM training program meets industry standards such as Lloyd’s Register and is accredited. Such accredited training programs ensure that your team’s training will enable them to deliver BIM (Building Informational Modelling) projects effectively. For instance, Lloyd’s Register scheme is based on international standards ISO 19650-2:2018 which provides a framework for managing information over the whole lifecycle of a built asset using BIM. 

Also, when your team gets training on industry-driven curriculum, it will future-proof itself with compliance and save you from uninvited legal repercussions that often result in costly delays.  

Before hiring consultants for training purposes, first you need to assess current needs and the skill set of your team. Once you have identified the areas where training is needed, you can ask consultants to tailor training programs to meet your unique needs.  

Therefore, we recommend you work closely with the consultants to develop a training program that aligns with your project requirements and team’s skill levels. The program should cover a range of topics, from basic BIM concepts to advanced BIM workflows, and should be tailored to the specific needs of your team. 

Hands-on  BIM Training

When opting for getting your team trained for BIM complexities, you should ask consultants if their program includes applying learning to real-world programs. Only when the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge is bridged, your team will undergo a deeper learning program as they will apply their newly acquired knowledge to authentic scenarios.  

It’s sticking to basics of learning; when your team members will witness direct and immediate impact of their actions, it will reinforce their understanding of the object and instill in them a sense of accomplishment and confidence as well.  

Ask the training providers if their training can be integrated into your team’s existing project workflows. If yes, that is great because it maximizes the impact of training. That is, the team will apply their learnings in their daily work, leveraging the benefits of BIM technology to the fullest extent.  

BIM Cost Consideration

When investing in your team, always consider long-term benefits such as improved project efficiency, reduced errors, standardized information management, and enhanced collaboration. Therefore, always weigh the cost of training against potential benefits and the value it will bring to your organization.  

Upskilling your team’s abilities is tantamount to an investment that will not come in handy for just a single project. It will equip your teams with knowledge that will come in handy in future projects, too. Who could know it better than you that the construction industry is a dynamic arena where only continuous learning and adaptability ensure success? The same is reflected in our curriculum as well. 

When you hire us to train your team, you hire BIM excellence, compliance, and futureproofing (and we mean every word of it). Our training program  

  • Meets Lloyds Register BIM Accreditation Standards 
  • Covers wide range of topics such as technical modeling, BIM management, information management, and document control 
  • Includes project workshops to equip your team with valuable skills and apply them to their on-going projects 
  • Is Tailored to specific needs to give you the flexibility that allows you to customize it to address the needs of specific and diverse roles. 
  • Is Applied on Real-Life Applications to ensure an immediate, tangible, and positive impact. 

So, book your free consultation today to upskill your team vis-a-visa BIM standards, ensure compliance, and future-proof the same.