We have meticulously designed our Training programs to empower construction professionals with latest industry knowledge so that they can ace project delivery with unparalleled success. With rapid evolution in the construction and architectural worlds, staying ahead is not an option but a necessity. Therefore, we have crafted this diverse curriculum for holistic development of professionals involved in construction and architectural practices. From Scan to BIM management to information control and from RIBA CPDs to document management, we cover every aspect to equip you with tools that are necessary for long-term success.

What Sets Our Training Program Apart?

DDC Solutions’ Training program comes up with advantages that are unparalleled. Let’s dive deep into details to discover the DDC advantage:

What Sets Our Training Program Apart?

Our Training Meets Lloyds Register BIM
Accreditation Standards

Our Training Meets Lloyds Register BIM

Compliance with Lloyd’s Register BIM accreditation standards means that our Training program will enable your organizations to deliver projects using BIM [Building Information Modelling] effectively. Lloyd’s Register scheme is based on international standards ISO 19650-2:2018 which provides a framework for managing information over the whole lifecycle of a built asset using BIM.

Thus, when your team goes through our training program, they are empowered with cutting-edge insights that are deeply rooted into industry best practices. Adherence to Lloyd’s Register standards further highlights our commitment to preparing your teams for the challenges of modern and highly complex construction projects.

Likewise, this compliance with Lloyd’s Register BIM Accreditation Standards further highlights that DDC Solutions’ Training program is based on industry-driven curriculum. Therefore, skills acquired by your teams are immediately put to use in real-world scenarios. It is pertinent here to mention that Lloyd’s Register is globally recognized and respected organization in quality assurance and risk management fields. Thus, the accreditation of our Training program transcends regional boundaries. It means your team will be empowered with a credential that’ll hold weight globally. So, if you want to future-proof skills of your team, enroll them on our training program.

1.Comprehensive Range of Topics

Our training service encompasses diverse range of topics such as BIM management, information management, RIBA CPDs, technical modelling, and document control. The goal is to help your team gain an in-depth and holistic approach to the key aspects crucial for successful project delivery. 


2.Technical Modelling

Our Training program empowers your team to master the craft of creating accurate and efficient digital representations of physical structures. From architectural design to structural components and from thorough understanding of the technical modelling tools to techniques deployed, we cover every aspect of technical modelling.


3.BIM Management

Here at DDC Solutions, we strongly believe that BIM is not something we do, rather it is something that we achieve. And this part of our curriculum is designed around the same philosophy. We equip your teams with skills that are essential to leverage dynamic BIM for enhanced project outcomes. From theoretical foundations to practical applications in project coordination, collaboration, and information sharing, we teach your teams everything.

4.Information Management

We have placed a strong emphasis on information management in our comprehensive Training program. During the training, your team will master strategies of effective data organization, storage, sharing, retrieval, and utilization. By the end of the training, your team will learn how to streamline the process for seamless flow of information throughout the project lifecycle to significantly reduce errors, streamline workflows, and optimize decision making.

5.Document Control

Being a seasoned professional in construction and architectural world, who would know better than you that document control is key to ensure smooth progression of construction projects? Therefore, our Training program dives deep into nuances of document control and it covers topics such as version control, access management, and efficient management. By the end of the training program, your team will master the craft of establishing robust document control systems that is aimed at enhancing collaboration, reducing risks, and increasing efficiency of project execution.


To ensure continuous growth of your team members through our Training program, we have included in it modules that are aligned with Royal Institute of British Architects’ (RIBA)  Continuous Professional Development guidelines. As the core objective of the whole Training program is to equip your team with latest industry trends and best practices, we ensure that our Training caters to RIBA CPDs.

Project Workshops

Project Workshops

Our project workshops offer dual advantage to our customers:

Equip your team with valuable skills and insights and apply them to their on-going projects and bill the workshops time directly to the project.

This distinctive approach of providing customers with dual advantage transform our training from a simple standalone activity to a well-integrated part of your project operations, something that isn’t available in any other training program. Likewise, this unique approach to training makes the program a lot more productive and.

Additionally, as we bill workshop time directly to the project, we rid our clients of allocating separate budgets. Thus, you get your financial resources optimized and allocate the to more important tasks. When your team gains new skills and apply them immediately to the project, it contributes to project’s success and comes in handy in future endeavors, too!

Tailored to Role-Specific Needs

As every project is unique, so are the roles. At DDC Solutions, we understand that each unique has sperate and unique set of responsibilities that play key part in project’s success. Therefore, our Training program is tailored to role-specific needs. Our Training program comes with the flexibility that allows you to customize it to address the needs of specific and diverse roles.

This flexibility stems from our team which comprises BIM experts, architectural technicians, engineers, and modelers.  For architects, the focus may be on refining design and modeling skills, while project managers may benefit from modules emphasizing efficient project coordination and management. Engineers, on the other hand, might find specialized content that hones their technical expertise.

Likewise, this flexibility of role-specific training sheds light on our deep understanding of the extremely complex and broader construction industry landscape.

Real-life Application

Our Training program empowers your team to apply their newly-acquired knowledge to real-life applications to ensure an immediate, tangible, and positive impact. By bridging the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge, we empower your team for a deeper learning as your team members apply the knowledge to authentic scenarios.

When your team members will witness direct and immediate impact of their actions, it will reinforce their understanding of the object and instill in them a sense of accomplishment and confidence as well. Moreover, when your team members apply their knowledge to real-life applications, it means they are well-prepared to seamlessly navigate through the complex challenges that arise in multifaceted constructions and architectural worlds. By putting strong focus on cultivating a mindset of practical problem-solving, we empower your team to excel in unpredictable and demanding nature of construction and architectural worlds.

Additionally, by arming your teams with ability to translate knowledge into actions, we make your team members become key contributors to overall project success.

Long-Term Benefits

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Long-Term Benefits

Our Training program offers long-term benefits to your teams. It’s an investment that won’t come in handy for just a single project. Rather, we are going to equip your teams with knowledge that’ll come in handy in future projects, too. At the core of our training program is the fact that construction industry is a dynamic arena where only continuous learning and adaptability ensure success. The same is reflected in our curriculum as well.

When your team members will engage in our curriculum, they’ll acquire new knowledge and put the same to practical use that is immediately applicable to their roles within construction sectors. Thus, this holistic approach will set a strong foundation for professional growth as skills acquired become a stepping-stone towards increased expertise and proficiency.

Whether it’s BIM management, information management, document control, technical modelling, or RIBA CPDs, we make your team practical problem-solver through workshops and real-life applications. Thus, we ensure that your team can seamlessly navigate through intricacies associated with complex construction and architectural worlds.

Efficiency and quality are paramount, and our curriculum focuses on the same. We arm your teams with robust skillset so that they can contribute to projects with improved efficiency by optimizing processes and minimizing delays. Your team members will ensure enhanced project quality after undergoing our comprehensive Training program and their work will meet industry standards.

Therefore, when you invest in your workforce through our detailed and tailored Training program, you make your team future-ready that is fully prepared to navigate through fast-paced and complex worlds of construction and architecture. The knowledge and skillset acquired by your team members will act as strategic tools and will not only position them for immediate success but also for sustained excellence.

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OUR achievementS

What topics are covered in your training services?

Our training covers BIM management, information management, RIBA CPDs, technical modeling, document management, and document control.

Here at DDC Solutions, we do not impart theoretical knowledge only. Rather, your teams deploy this newly acquired knowledge in real-life applications. Thus, it results in sustained learning and improved problem-solving skills.

Our unique approach focuses on real-life application, allowing participants to directly implement their learnings in actual projects for immediate results and impact.

Yes, project workshops are an integral part of our training. Participants can bill the workshop time to the project, making the training cost-effective while gaining valuable skills relevant to their ongoing work.

Yes, our Training program complies with stringent standards of Lloyd’s Register BIM Accreditation. Thus, we equip your teams with industry-approved practices and empower them to meet industry requirements.

Yes! We understand that every role comes with unique set of responsibilities and to fulfil those responsibilities, we tailor our program to the specific requirements of different roles. We ensure that the skills and knowledge your team members gain through our Training program are directly relevant to their roles.

When you invest in your training, you make yourself and your team members future-ready. Our training regime contribute significantly to your professional growth and career development. You become good at navigating complex challenges, mitigating risks, and learn skills that help you and your team members to deliver projects with increased efficiency and quality.

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A lot! We have worked with diverse clientele, from small and mid-sized firms to large conglomerate. You can go through the testimonials on our website and find reasons why we are the most trusted training partner in United Kingdom.

Yes, we offer post-training support to all participants as we believe in establishing relationships that last lifetime. For us, you are not just another client. Rather, you are a partner and therefore, our team is always available to assist you even after the training has finished.

Discover more about our training programs by taking a simple step. Fill in our inquiry form, and a member of our dedicated booking team will promptly get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can directly book an appointment through our convenient booking system located above. We are excited to assist you in finding the perfect training solution to meet your construction industry needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out and explore the opportunities for professional growth and success with our comprehensive training services.


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