Our Team


By blending cutting-edge technology with experience, our seasoned Revit experts, BIM pioneers and professionals, information managers, and
architectural technicians bring precision to project delivery.

Jimi Clarke, Founder: Jimi Clarke is a pioneering force in digital construction solutions. With a profound understanding of the global construction sector, Jimi is committed to reshaping project execution through innovative digital technologies, emphasizing cost reduction, waste mitigation, and sustainability.

Adeel Khaliq, Commercial Director: Adeel Khaliq is a respected figure in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) industry with a 20-year career. He is known for his visionary approach, personal client engagement, and commitment to excellence. Under his leadership, DDC Solutions is at the forefront of shaping the future of digital construction. Khaliq’s mantra is to redefine expectations, reflecting his dedication to excellence in BIM consultancy.

Giulia, Head of Technical Operations: With over three years of dedicated service to DDC, Giulia brings a wealth of expertise that underpins our core operations. Hailing from Italy, she holds a Master of Architecture (MArch) degree and is a qualified architectural technician by profession. 

Before her journey with DDC, Giulia honed her skills while working with prominent architecture firms and contractors in Italy. Giulia’s direct involvement with clients and projects has allowed her to continually expand her knowledge and expertise during her tenure with us.

Dainel Bentacur, Information Manager: Daniel Betancur brings extensive expertise in BIM consultancy to elevate the construction industry. With a focus on trust-building and tailored solutions, he aims to mitigate BIM adoption challenges and facilitate industry growth. Daniel’s mission is to seamlessly guide professionals through the BIM/ISO 19650 journey, positioning DDC Solutions as a reliable industry partner. 


Inforamtion Manager

Daniel Posada, Information Manager: Daniel’s strong technical proficiency in BIM software and his meticulous attention to detail contribute to the accurate creation and management of digital models. Daniel leverages his expertise to support clients in achieving their BIM objectives and maximizing the benefits of digitalization in the construction industry.


Inforamtion Manager

Jannah Barluado: Jannah Barluado, a highly skilled BIM Coordinator at DDC Solutions, excels in implementing and managing BIM processes for construction projects. Her expertise in clash detection and model coordination ensures seamless multidisciplinary collaboration.

Zain Kaiser, Architectural Manager: Zain has worked with a diverse range of project typologies such as residential, hospitality, educational and commercial developments. His role at DDC involves seamless integration of all aspects of design within the BIM environment, through all stages. His approach ensures that projects are meticulously planned, interpreted, and validated to produce accurate digital twins.