DDC Subscription Service

DDC‘s Subscription Plan is an all-inclusive 12-month service that provides a suite of resources tailored to your construction and architectural needs. It covers areas like BIM management, Information Management, Revit implementation, technical support, training etc. All DDC resources are available with the subscription. You can access all standard modules from £1695 per month. Optional modules such as Revit Modelling come with additional charges. 

We understand that hiring a dedicated BIM Manager can be a significant cost, both in terms of salary and associated overheads. This is where DDC’s Subscription Plan comes in. It offers access to an entire team of experts at a fraction of the cost, ensuring you get comprehensive expertise without the HR complexities. The Subscription model offers a holistic solution. Instead of dealing with multiple vendors or training programs, you get everything bundled into one adaptable package. Our subscription model is a culmination of years of expertise, aimed at offering the best value to our clients.

Our Subscription consists of standard and optional modules

Standard modules consist of the following

  • Tech support five days a week
  • Access to all documents and technical resources
  • Access to expertise of experienced team following bespoke syllabus
  • Half-day training per month
  • 1-day per week for implementation of your bespoke strategy 

Optional modules consist of the following

Our Subscription consists of standard and optional modules

Who is the subscription for?

Who is the subscription for?

The Subscription is best for practices that don’t require any specific BIM implementation strategy. It’s ideal for those who find they often require general project support, training, or some element of implementation to suit project needs.

If your priorities align with the below, then our subscriptions could be helpful to you

  • You want to ease into a new way of working, without disrupting the practice and existing projects.
  • Your project teams need support, training, or an extra pair of hands in model development and problem solving.

How much does the subscription cost?

The Subscription will cost you just £1695 per month for standard modules. However, if your unique projects requirement demand inclusion of any or all of optional modules, you’ll have to pay additional charges. Rest assured, our prices are extremely market competitive and we bring a dynamic and diverse teams of BIM managers, information managers, modelers, architectural-technicians, and surveyors to your project to ensure you get the most out of our services. 

We are completely UK-based and understand compliance inside out.

Tech support five days a week

How do we begin?

From the start of conversation, we’ll be asking what your status is with the following

  • Live and pending projects
  • Project teams
  • Software experience
  • Specific requirements with Revit or BIM, on any project, or within the practice

From here, we can take this information to then customize a service strategy that suits you. It will be tailored to your needs and will not fall short of offering complete peace of mind, with DDC Solutions being a part of your team throughout the whole process.

Standard Modules

Let’s now explore standard modules one by one!

Tech support five days a week

The subscription includes providing technical support to your team for five days a week. The aim of tech support is to increased efficiency and effectiveness vis-à-vis project delivery. With subscription service, you’ll have access to expertise of our experts for five days a week to provide you instant tech support, whenever you need it. 

Likewise, our experts will ensure that your team seamlessly navigate through all challenges throughout the project lifecycle. If your team has got questions, our experts got answers. By resolving your issues timely, our experts will keep your project on tract and schedule. So, if a specific hurdle arises or your team needs guidance on project execution during any phase of the project, we have got you covered!  

Our top-notch technical support ensures that your team will stay focus on what matters most – your projects. Under the expert’s guidance, they will spend less time on tackling unforeseen and uncalled challenges and more time on driving your projects to success. 

Access to all documents and technical

Through Subscription, you unlock access to all documents and resources of our company that are culmination of our decades of experience in the fast-paced and complex construction industry. Our library comprises documents, templates, standard guides, and technical resources related to Building Information Modelling [BIM] and construction management. 

Thus, by subscribing to one-of-its-kind subscription, you are not just subscribing for a service but also gaining entry to wealth of knowledge, documentation, and technical resources that will play key role in seamless, efficient project management and BIM implementation. These resources include the following

Revit Family Library

Through Subscription, you’ll get exclusive access to DDC Solution’s Revit Family Library which complies with ISO 19650 and GTFSS standards. By utilizing this versatile resource under Subscription package, your team will uplift its design and documentation capabilities.

BIM Document Suite

Additionally, you’ll get access to suite of essential BIM documents that are going to cover almost every aspect of your project.  Through this suite, our experts –who are going to act as an extension of your team – will leave no room for oversight and ensure thorough documentation. The BIM Documentation Suite also includes BIM Execution Plans and Employer’s Information Requirements to ensure that you always have comprehensive set of documents at your disposal anytime and anywhere. 

Document Repository

The Subscription awards you access to a rich repository of BIM resources including standards guides, tools, and manuals. By utilizing them to the fullest under the guidance of our experts, you can ensure consistency and adherence to industry standards just at a fraction of cost. You can also use these free resources to improve your project management and make the same more efficient. 

There’s no other subscription model available on the market that gives access to such resources for free. So, subscribe today to make your practice compliant and adhere to industry best practices. 

Half-Day Training Per Month Following Bespoke Syllabus

Before you subscribe to our service, our experts will fetch details such as project teams and their experience with software tools, specific requirements with Revit or BIM or any project. It will help us come up with a bespoke syllabus that will be used to provide half-day training every month to your team. 

The goal is to provide your team a well-rounded education in diverse fields such as BIM management. Through these tailored and bespoke trainings, we ensure that your teams have a regular chance to expand their knowledge vis-à-vis best industry practices and stay updated with the latest trends. Likewise, we are going to craft tailored workshops. 

Under these workshops, your team will solve project-specific problems, needs, and challenges. Doing so will allow your team to seamlessly integrate their newfound knowledge into your daily workflow. This practice will not only benefit your existing projects but will also come in handy in future projects. 

By combining structured learning with hands-on workshops, we empower your team to excel in dynamic and evolving field of project management. 

BIM Document Suite

1-day Per Week for Implementation of Your Bespoke Strategy

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1-day Per Week for Implementation of Your Bespoke Strategy

To ensure seamless progression, you’ll get a full-day and dedicated access to our team of experts every week who’ll implement bespoke strategy. Furthermore, this unique feature will help us cater to evolving needs of your project. Likewise, it ensures that you get a personalized and responsive partnership from DDC Solutions out of your Subscription service. 

We understand that every project is unique and there are no one-size-fit-all solutions in the dynamic and complex construction industry. Weekly access to expertise of our diverse and dynamic team means that you can leverage DDC Solutions’ knowledge at every stage of your project lifecycle. Additionally, it ensures that your team can seek guidance from our experts, get clarification on hurdles, and learn and improve problem-solving in real-time.

Similarly, when our experts are present every week on your site, it means that our relationship has transcended the client-service provider paradigm. Rather, we become an extension of your team, deeply engaged in understanding the nuances of their projects and offering tailored solutions.

Moreover, your team does not need to wait for issues to escalate. Instead, you can directly engage with DDC team for proactive project management to allow you to identify challenges in their early stages and implement solutions for the same swiftly. By keeping your goals at forefront, DDC Solutions aim to foster a lasting relationship. 

Optional Modules

Besides these standard modules, you can pick any or all of the optional modules as per unique requirements. Our Subscription allows you to optimize your costs, enhance efficiency, and get the most out of your team without disrupting your practice or existing workflow. 

Optional modules consist of the following

What Makes Subscription Stand Out?

Our Subscription service has rapidly gained popularity in the complex and fast-paced construction and design industries. The distinctive qualities of our Subscription service include

1. Customization

You can mold our Subscription as per unique needs of your project. You can include modules that align with your vision in an exact manner; from personalized BIM Execution Plans to project-specific workshops, from access to all sorts of documentation and technical resources to training, we ensure that the Subscription service you get seamlessly adapts and integrate into your existing workflow and quickly set the stage for unparalleled success. 

2. Flexibility

Our Subscription gives you the flexibility that goes beyond the ordinary. You can pick only those services that your project needs and exclude others that it doesn’t. Likewise, it gives flexibility for remote tech supports as well as on-site training. Therefore, whether your project demands adjustments in coordination strategies, Revit templates, or clash detection workflows, our flexible approach ensures that your evolving needs are met promptly and effectively.

3. Cost-Efficiency

The flexibility gives birth to cost efficiency as you only pay for those services that your project needs. 

4. All in One Place

The subscription allows you to get all resources at one place. Say goodbye to complexities that come with hiring multiple vendors or consultants. With DDC Subscription, you can unlock expertise of UK-based BIM experts, information managers, modelers, and surveyors. Likewise, you get free and unlimited access to BIM resources to uplift and optimize your project management whereas your team learn from the best in the industry. 

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What is DDC Solutions Digital Construction Subscription?

DDC’s subscription is an all-inclusive service that provides a suite of resources tailored to your construction and architectural needs. It covers areas like BIM management, Information Management, Revit implementation, technical support, training etc. All DDC resources are available with the subscription.

Average salary of a BIM manager here in UK hover around £4800 per month. Add to it associated overheads and your expenses will sky-rocket. On the other hand, our Subscription offers you access to an entire team of experts including BIM managers and information managers at the fraction of cost. Likewise, you don’t need to indulge in HR complexities associated with hiring consultants when you can get access to everything through Subscription. 

Construction and architectural firms often work on extended timelines. With Subscription service, we aim to partner with you throughout the project lifecycle. Therefore, our Subscription is just not another new service. Rather, it is a commitment to consistency, and adaptability to ensure successful project delivery. 

While in-house teams have specific strengths, our subscription brings specialized knowledge, ensuring faster, more efficient results. It’s not just about using the tools but maximizing their potential.

What would you prefer? Hiring multiple vendors and training programs with a lot of complexities or all sorted in a single bundle? Obviously, the latter one. Our Subscription service will help you optimize project costs and provide you consistent quality of service throughout the project lifecycle. Likewise, you’ll get a bespoke strategy specifically crafted for the unique needs of your project. 

We get this a lot as Subscription is one-of-its-kind service in the construction industry. So, instead of believing our words, we invite you to go through from our proven track record of success. Additionally, we are accompanied by Jimi Clarke who happens to be a BIM pioneer. On the top of it, we are transparent about our offerings and will sit with you to mitigate your concerns. 

We have harnessed the power of digital world to make our service more efficient and innovative. Likewise, DDC Solutions work with multiple clients and this allows us to distribute operational costs. We pass on savings to you, and this become a win-win situation for both DDC Solutions and its clients. 

We guarantee consistent support, access to top-tier resources, and regular training. Our goal is to ensure your operations run smoothly, and we’re committed to that promise. The essence of our subscription is not just to ‘do’ for you, but to build with you, ensuring that even if DDC is no longer in the picture, your team is well-equipped, knowledgeable, and ready to drive your digital construction endeavours forward.

The subscription covers 1 day per week of any service you need, half a day of bespoke training monthly, 5-day technical support, and complete access to all DDC resources and our representation as part of your team.