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We aim to revolutionise the global construction industry by redefining the focus from BIM concepts to project delivery. We are committed to placing businesses, projects, and people at the forefront of all our endeavours.

Our goal is to utilise technology. process solutions, services, and support to enable efficient project delivery while reducing costs, minimising waste, and enhancing environmental sustainability.

We aim to build cohesive teams that value integration, diverse perspectives, and individual freedom while ensuring peak effectiveness.

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We envision a world where sustainable cities and economic growth are closely intertwined with our actions. We aspire to be at the forefront of the global construction industry, transforming the sector by shifting the focus from BIM consultants to businesses and projects. Our global outlook prioritises addressing environmental challenges, water scarcity, mass migrations, and emerging economies, striving to create safe, sustainable, and thriving environments for people worldwide.



We place people at the heart of everything we do, valuing diversity, culture, and individual freedom. Our organisation thrives on the integration of people and opinions, fostering a natural state where everyone can be their true selves.


We are dedicated to efficient solutions and processes that drive project delivery. We seek to reduce costs, minimise waste, and enhance environmental sustainability, always striving for maximum efficiency in our work.

Global Impact

DDC Solutions is committed to making a
significant global impact. We focus on
emerging economies, providing expertise,
resources, and support to build safe,
sustainable, and nurturing
environments for people in need.


We are passionate about addressing environmental challenges, drought issues, and water scarcity. Our core values centre on creating a better world for future generations through sustainable practices.


We believe in a collaborative approach, working as a team alongside businesses and projects.

Education and Awareness

We emphasise the importance of education and awareness to bring about change. We strive to educate and empower others with a clear understanding of why changes are necessary and the positive outcomes they can achieve.

Business Focus

DDC Solutions understands that businesses operating in the global construction industry are the driving force of the economy. We emphasise the need for a holistic approach, with consultants as vital team members on the journey to success.


We foster a culture of innovation, continuously
seeking new and improved ways to contribute to the construction industry and the world. Our mindset is rooted in creativity and forward thinking.

Social Responsibility

We have a deep sense of social responsibility, addressing mass migrations and social issues by providing solutions and nurturing environments where people can live. work, and thrive.

DDC Solutions is dedicated to living by these values in every action we take, striving to create a positive impact on the construction industry and the world at large.


Discover how our bespoke strategies, expertise in BIM, tech team modeling, Revit, data management, and trainings have helped industry players get exceptional project outcomes.

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At DDC (Digital Design Consultancy), we are driven by our passion for project excellence and innovation in the construction industry. Leveraging our extensive experience in 3D design and early BIM (Building Information Modelling) principles, we focus on the tangible benefits that BIM can deliver to your projects.


Our journey began in the mid-90s, navigating the evolving landscape of digital design and collaboration. Through the years, we’ve been instrumental in testing and developing practical applications of BIM standards across diverse organizations and projects worldwide. Our contribution to the ISO 19650 commenting team, offering valuable insights and feedback before its publication in 2018, is a testament to our deep-rooted expertise and industry recognition.

Our mission at DDC is to change this narrative. We believe in the importance of deconstructing the academic approach to BIM and focusing on its practical applications, prioritizing project outcomes over mere compliance. We aim to bridge the gap between the theoretical understanding and actual implementation of BIM, demystifying its complexities and ensuring that the benefits of BIM are realized in your projects.

The industry’s overemphasis on BIM compliance, especially BIM Level 2, often led to a neglect of the actual projects. Organizations implemented BIM standards without fully understanding how to apply them effectively, resulting in missed opportunities for project improvement.

At DDC, we are visionary revolutionaries driven by our ambition to revolutionize the global construction industry. We advance technology, foster collaboration, and facilitate industry-wide communication. As a beacon in applied technology, support, training, and solutions, we aim to be the go-to entity for BIM and project processes. Our objective is to provide the tools and insights necessary for growth and prosperity.

We are a global leader, accessible and approachable. Leading by example, we deliver exceptional services with our 100% digital and remote operation capabilities. Our focus extends beyond immediate needs, as we invest in predicting and preparing for future market trends. We tailor our service delivery to meet objectives efficiently, helping clients leverage the best technology and processes.

We are deeply invested in the broader construction industry, aligned with the UK Industrial Strategy and United Nations’ goals. Our belief in a future where people can work effectively from anywhere drives us to make it a reality.