The construction industry adopted BIM (Building Informational Modelling) slowly but as industry became aware about how it solves age-old problems in cost effective and efficient manner, the transition picked up pace. And for the same reason, BIM’s future looks great (or should we say BIM is the future of construction industry). As BIM entails everything from design to information management, challenges of implementing BIM are complex.

One of the biggest challenges faced by industry whilst implementing BIM in their practices is their misjudgment about costs. While BIM is aimed at reducing costs by improving project management efficiency, stakeholders think otherwise. This misconception stems from initial expenses incurred whilst acquiring BIM software, training personnel, and integrating new practices.   

But this is where BIM consultants step in. With DDC Solutions‘ BIM services, you do not need to buy expensive BIM software licenses (to put things into perspective, one Revit license costs around £2,940 per user) and set up supporting hardware ecosystem. BIM applications are resource-intensive and require powerful computing hardware. By hiring us as BIM consultants, you rid yourself of these expenses and make your project cost-efficient. To learn more, click here.

Poignantly, BIM is still not either part of curriculum or being extensively taught in many undergraduate programs. With students just learning the basics, the most they know is how to create 3D models using Revit. And this has led to an extensive shortage of BIM professionals in the market.

BIM Suffers from Scarcity of Trained Professionals

Therefore, graduates enter these overly complex and demanding architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries with insufficient knowledge. The result? This workforce struggles to meet the expectations and gives BIM a headache.  

If you are facing the same problem and want to upskill your employees, opt for DDC Solutions’ training program. Our training program   

  • Meets Lloyds Register BIM Accreditation Standards  
  • Covers wide range of topics such as technical modeling, BIM Management, information management, and document control  
  • Includes project workshops to equip your team with valuable skills and apply them to their on-going projects  
  • It is Tailored to specific needs to give you the flexibility that allows you to customize it to address the needs of specific and diverse roles.  
  • Is Applied on Real-Life Applications to ensure an immediate, tangible, and positive impact.  

Click here to learn more about BIM Training program

Complexity in Collaboration & Data Management

Irrespective of how cliché it sounds, we will keep reminding you that BIM is complex. It requires all project participants—architects, engineers, contractors, and owners—to collaborate closely, often changing traditional roles and workflows. To ensure that this collaborative approach works seamlessly, a high level of data sharing and communication is required. Standardized protocols are implemented, and common data environments are set up to ensure access to the most recent and updated information to all stakeholders.  

Interesting (or should we say shocking) Fact: global construction industry suffers a mammoth loss of $1.2 trillion every year due to low productivity? And one of the key factors to this low productivity is poor information management. Another similar study by Construction Industry Institute proved that rework accounts for 30-40% of all construction costs, a significant portion of which is caused by information mismanagement or bad BIM execution plans. 

See, by implementing BIM into your practice, you can rid yourself of these mammoth losses. One of the key components of BIM is information management and here at DDC Solutions, we provide bespoke BIM information management service, and take charge of managing, maintaining, and sharing project information seamlessly throughout the entire project life cycle, all while adhering to the latest industry standards, including ISO 19650. 

To learn more about our information management services, we urge you book free consultation with one of the pioneering forces behind BIM. Jimi Clarke.

Stakeholders resist BIM adoption as it requires change in operations. Therefore, small and mid-sized firms prefer to stick to outdated practices instead of hiring BIM consultants or getting their staff trained for BIM challenges.  

Likewise, if one stakeholder harnesses the power of BIM while others don’t, the whole project delivery will become a complete mess. If adopted in the later stages of design, the level of collaboration will be ineffective. We strongly believe BIM’s power shines bright right from the beginning, even being able to aid in surveying. 

These are the challenges of implementing BIM which need to be overcome to reduce costs, delays and improve risk management.  

Here at DDC Solutions, we have crafted a one-of-its-type solution known as Subscription. So, if cost factors are holding you back from integrating BIM into your practices, you need not worry anymore. Starting from just £1695, it allows you access to a complete suite of resources covering areas like BIM management, Information Management, Revit implementation, technical support and training.  

Too good to be true! (yes, we heard that a lot). Therefore, we invite you to sit with our experts for a free consultation. From the start of conversation, we’ll be asking what your status is with the following 

  • Live and pending projects 
  • Project teams 
  • Software experience 
  • Specific requirements with Revit or BIM, on any project, or within the practice 

From here, we can take this information to then customize a service strategy that suits you. It will be tailored to your needs and will not fall short of offering complete peace of mind, with DDC Solutions being a part of your team throughout. So, let’s revolutionize your practice by harnessing the full power of BIM.