The AEC (architectural, engineering, and construction) industry was among the last to embrace digitization. However, with the advent and evolution of BIM (Building Information Modelling), the whole project delivery process has become more efficient, saving clients time and money.

BIM consultants use a wide array of tools and software to streamline processes and enhance collaboration. In this article, our experts shed light on essential tools and software that every BIM consultant should master.  

This software is the most popular tool among BIM experts. As a matter of fact, it’s so popular that it has become synonymous with BIM itself. Autodesk Revit is widely used in MEP (mechanical, engineering, and plumbing) industry for architectural design. By harnessing immense power of Revit, BIM experts use detailed 3D models that integrate all aspects of construction projects. 

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  • Parametric Components: Revit allows BIM specialists to create smart building components and the same are automatically updated across the model when any changes are made. It translates into access to updated design and information to all stakeholders.
  • Collaboration Tools: This software also supports multi-discipline collaboration in real-time. It translates into improved communication among project stakeholders.
  • Documentation: Revit ensures accuracy and consistency throughout the project lifecycle by automating the creation of construction documents.

Proficiency in Revit allows BIM consultants to streamline the design process, enhance collaboration, and ensure the integrity of the project’s data. 

If you are looking for software that provides top-notch project review, coordination, and clash detection services, Autodesk Navisworks is the answer. By aggregating the data from various resources, it enables comprehensive project analysis.  

  • Clash Detection: The dynamic duo of Revit and Navisworks is renowned for flawless clash detection. By identifying conflicts within different building systems prior to the construction phase, it saves you time and money by significantly reducing reworks.
  • 5D Simulation & Collaboration: Navisworks empowers stakeholders to integrate time (4D) and cost (5D) features within your existing 3D model thus, significantly empowering seamless collaboration.  

When it comes to clash detection, DDC Solutions has got your back! We have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds in reworks through our proactive clash detection services. Giants like Higgins Partnerships and David Kohn Architects trust us. Headed by Jimi Clarke, our digital solutions for AEC industry have been recognized by various bodies. We have consistently made it to list of top 100 SME Businesses in UK. So, if you want to reduce your construction cost via effective clash detection, book your free consultation today! 

If you want to work on complex projects efficiently, Navisworks has got your back. The software reduces risks of costly reworks significantly through effective clash detection and ensures that you execute projects smoothly.  

If your project requirements demand creation of 2D and 3D designs, AutoCAD should be your preferred choice as BIM consultant. Two of its biggest unique selling propositions remain versatility and precision. Now let’s have a quick peep into its features.  

  • Drafting Tools: It provides you wide array of tools to create precise 2D and 3D drawings.
  • Customization: It offers customization features to provide top-notch results. This customization feature is enabled through programming interface like AutoLISP and VBA.
  • Integration: Another key feature that makes AutoCAD standout is its seamless integration with other Autodesk products, enhancing workflow efficiency. 

You should master it because it equips you with the skills required for detailed design work and seamless integration with BIM models.

Dynamo secured the fourth position on our list. It is a graphical programming interface that lets you customize your building information workflow and is installed as part of Revit along with Revit-specific programming nodes. 

  • Visual Programming: This one-of-its-kind tool lets you build custom scripts, even if you do not have deep programming knowledge.
  • Automation: The tool has automation feature. By automating repetitive and complex tasks, it improves efficiency and coordination.
  • Parametric Design: It helps BIM consultants to enhance Revit’s parametric design capabilities. This way Dynamo creates room for more innovative solutions.

Mastering Dynamo allows BIM consultants to streamline their workflows, saving time and increasing productivity through automation. 

This powerful tool helps BIM consultants with quality assurance and control. Using it, BIM specialists analyze and validate BIM models against a wide range of standards and requirements for improved accuracy and efficiency. 

  • Model Checking: It works as your assistant by automatically checking complex models for errors, omissions, and compliance with stringent standards.
  • Issue Management: Solibri has proven great success in facilitating the identification, tracking, and resolution of issues.
  • Reporting: Another key feature of Solibri is the generation of detailed reports to provide you a deep insights into model quality and compliance.

You want Solibri on your side to ensure your BIM models are accurate, compliant, and of high quality. Need to say more? 

DDC Solutions for Revit 4 Project Delivery & Clash Detection

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Likewise, our proactive approach to clash detection has saved our clients a significant amount of time and costs. We can do the same for you. To learn more or get a no-obligation quote, book your free consultation by clicking here.