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BIM Information Management

With DDC Solutions, you get detailed and bespoke solutions that streamline your project workflows, enhance data accuracy, and ensure compliance with industry standards like ISO 19650. From developing tailored BIM Execution Plans to implementing robust Common Data Environment (CDE) setups, we provide end-to-end support throughout the project lifecycle.

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BIM Information Management – Our Offerings

Save Time & Costs with Tailored BIM Execution Plan

Imagine a construction project where all data and communications flow seamlessly. With our tailored BIM Information Management service, we eliminate bottlenecks, delays, and misunderstandings, seamlessly integrating into your team to empower your projects.

Efficient Data Capture and Organization

At DDC, we ensure accurate and efficient data collection and management throughout your project lifecycle. We eliminate data clutters by storing data in a structured format and setting up robust search features, making it easier for your team to access and utilize the data when needed.

Onboarding Design Team Swiftly

Understanding the importance of deadlines in construction, we quickly bring your design team up to speed with tailored BIM Execution Plans. This quick onboarding process provides your team with essential standards and resources, maintaining project schedules.

Seamless Collaboration between Design Team & Contractors

We employ cutting-edge technology to facilitate seamless collaboration between your design team and contractors. Our Framework Optimization supports clear communication and effective integration, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Clear Communication and Illustration for Design Stage Information Efficiency

Through our tailored BIM Execution Plan, we ensure there is no ambiguity in communication throughout the project lifecycle. We set clear expectations, continuously assessing the quality and completeness of project information to align with industry standards.

Delivering to Developer Requirements with BIM Expertise

Our experts leverage BIM to meet the exacting standards of developers, converting your project into a detailed digital model with complete, up-to-date data. This ensures your design team works efficiently, guided by standardized information.

Collaboration and Real-time Communication

We set protocols for your team to share information and collaborate instantly, reducing errors and unnecessary reworks. Our real-time communication tools significantly increase productivity by minimizing the time spent on information searches and sharing.

Robust Document Control and Versioning

With our robust document control and versioning, we ensure all stakeholders have access to the latest project information. Our protocols help maintain document accuracy and consistency throughout the project lifecycle, managing information effectively.

Compliance with Industry Standards

We ensure your information management service complies with the latest industry standards, including ISO 19650. This compliance not only streamlines integration with other systems but also safeguards against legal troubles.

Secure Data Management

Our multifaceted approach to data security ensures your information is protected. Controlled access, encryption, and regular backups prevent unauthorized access and data loss, keeping your project data secure and accurate.

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Why Choose Us for BIM Information Management?

  • Improved Efficiency &
  • Collaboration
  • Risk Reduction
  • Cost Savings
  • Custom Training and
  • Support
  • BIM Level 2 Accreditation
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • Long-Term Asset Management
Maximize your project's potential by enhancing efficiency, reducing risks, and achieving compliance.

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