Discover How DDC Solutions Helps Higgins Partnerships Overcome ISO19650 Compliance Challenges In Shredded Wheat Factory Redevelopment Project

Higgins Partnerships was awarded a £44 million contract to design and build 208 new mixed tenure homes on the former Shredded Wheat Factory site in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. The project included a mix of 52 Shared Ownership properties, 106 homes for affordable rent, and 50 homes exclusively for the over 55s. The goal of the project was to provide high-quality housing that meets the needs of the local community.


Higgins Partnerships faced a huge challenge of requiring all subcontractors to comply with ISO19650 standards in their landmark Shredded Wheat project. ISO19650 is a set of international standards that provide guidelines for the management of information in the construction and operation of buildings. It covers everything from the creation and use of digital data, to the organization and structure of information.


Higgins Partnerships approached DDC Solutions to overcome this challenge. We became their Project Information Manager, crafted bespoke strategy vis-à-vis their unique project requirements, and made a huge impact on the project. Here are key highlights of this collaboration

  • Leveraged BIM expertise to ensure that the project was developed according to the developer’s requirements and that all necessary information was available for export.
  • Provided technical resources, training, support, and clear communication to enable subcontractors to seamlessly take on the design models.
  • DDC solution provided resources and processes to enable the designers to update information quickly and efficiently. This helped Higgins Partnerships to avoid delays and budget overruns.
  • Helped them swiftly onboard design teams without lengthy evaluations and delays.


Through a bespoke approach, DDC Solutions helped Higgins Partnerships to overcome complex challenges posed by ISO 19650 standards in the Shredded Wheat project. Our information managers became an extension of Higgins’ team, ensuring a streamlined process and efficient implementation of industry standards throughout the project lifecycle.

If you want to save your project from costly errors and delays that emanate from information mismanagement, reach out to us today.

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