Higgins Partnership's BIM Level 2 Accreditation Success Story

Led by dynamic Chairman Richard Higgins, Higgins Partnership possesses a rich legacy of putting community needs and safety first for every project. Here at DDC Solutions, we strongly admire and recognize Higgin’s approach. This mutual respect led a collaboration that commenced back then in 2019.


Higgins wanted to achieve BIM Level 2 accreditation with Lloyds Register. However, they faced a wide range of challenges such as

1. Coordinating diverse technical resources

2. Managing clash issues through Navisworks

3. Ensuring compliance with ISO 19650 standards

4. Need for creating common data environment, BIM Execution Plans and Employer Information Requirements


We created an implementation strategy which results far exceeded the initial aim. DDC Solutions

  • Developed technical and process resources around a BIM Level 2 project including
  • Provided the relevant BIM management and Information Management support Higgins required to develop and deliver the project
  • And provided the support and management for an additional 4 projects where the developed BIM standards and resources were applied to.

The leaps of advancement that Higgins has made in the last 2 years is nothing short of incredible. The benefits of the accreditation in itself have increased the efficiency and productivity at Higgins and paved the way to new exiting innovative solutions to further improve on project delivery through BIM.


DDC Solutions crafted and implemented a bespoke and robust strategy to help Higgins triumph complex challenges vis-à-vis BIM Level 2 accreditation with Lloyds Register. Thanks to robust implementation, Higgins were able to manage clash issues through Navisworks seamlessly while ensuring compliance with ISO 19650 standards. Higgins achieved accreditation and extended this successful approach to another 4 projects.

If your organization is looking to enhance its construction capabilities through BIM, partner with us to get a bespoke BIM implementation strategy for your unique project needs.

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