DDC Solutions Helps Higgins Achieve BIM Accreditation and Improve Project Delivery

Higgins is a construction company with over 60 years of experience in delivering complex projects on time and to budget. Higgins partnered with DDC Solutions to achieve BIM accreditation and improve their project delivery processes.


Higgins needed to Demonstrate to developers that they had the BIM capabilities and experience to deliver complex projects on time and to budget. Develop a system for managing and validating the information they received from design teams. Quickly and easily evaluate the capabilities of design teams and ensure that they could deliver the information they needed at the right time. Ensure that they had the processes and resources in place to deliver projects to the developer’s requirements, including meeting all relevant standards and regulations. Develop a system for coordinating the design team and the design with subcontractors using new technology. Be able to use the information they received from the design team and their own experience to plan site logistics and construction sequencing efficiently.


Higgins Partnerships recognized that embracing BIM was no longer an option but a necessity. DDC Solutions‘ BIM for Contractors service proved instrumental in addressing these challenges effectively

  • Instead of merely “doing BIM,” Higgins leveraged the developer framework to showcase their capabilities as a marketing tool, demonstrating exceptional value to potential projects.
  • Through BIM, Higgins developed a digital representation of the building with all relevant data, ensuring compliance with project requirements and efficient management by the Information Manager.
  • By setting clear communication standards and expectations for design information, Higgins ensured that data met their standards, avoiding delays and budget issues. Efficient processes enabled quick updates when necessary.
  • BIM allowed Higgins to streamline the integration of design teams, as designers had access to resources and standards, ensuring timely delivery of information.
  • The BIM for Contractors service facilitated seamless coordination with subcontractors through technical resources, training, support, and clear communication, enhancing Framework Optimization.
  • Utilizing 3D information across various aspects of the project, from design to site planning and marketing, our tailored approach allowed Higgins to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Higgins had access to site planning tools and libraries based on construction processes, enabling a unified approach.


Higgins Partnerships’ adoption of DDC Solutions’ BIM for Contractors service transformed their construction processes, improving efficiency, collaboration, and overall project outcomes. If your architectural practice is facing similar challenges in adapting to BIM or achieving ISO 19650 compliance.

Reach out to DDC Solutions today to discuss how we can assist you in enhancing your capabilities and ensuring successful project delivery in the world of BIM!

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